Bamboo flooring


Cork bamboo floors

Pre-finished cork flooring has been treated with 5 layers of UV cured acrylic finish. As a result it is very durable and easy to maintain and routine sweeping and vacuuming is all that is necessary to keep cork floors looking like new. Cork is also very comfortable as it provides a cushion and since cork bounces back marks will leave minimal amounts of indentation. Cork floors are installed using the floating method and can be installed over most existing floors.

Natural bamboo is environmentally friendly, reusable and recyclable.

Bamboo is harder than both oak and maple, can be refinished and is also a healthy alternative to most other wood floors. Since it is available in solid and engineered, it offers the flexibility of being installed on or below grades. When it comes to selections, you could choose from both horizontal and vertical patterns. In addition to natural and spice colors, it is offered in several other colors as well. Like most other hardwood floor products, it has a protective layer of polyurethane mixed with aluminum oxide crystals which grants it a lasting finish. With our shop-at-home service, we offer free estimates and accurate measurements. Contact us and discover all we have to offer.

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