How to select carpet for home with pets

How to select carpet for home with pets

You can still enjoy the beauty, charm, and elegance of carpeting when you have pets. Of course, animals can be pretty rough on floors, but luckily, most rugs these days can withstand just about anything.

At our carpet store, we carry names like Dixie Home, DreamWeaver, Mohawk, and more, who even have exceptional pet protection warranties. Also, visit us to explore our soft surface floor coverings! Meanwhile, look for these four characteristics when shopping for pet-friendly rugs.


Weight alone doesn't determine quality, although a thicker rug is often more durable; you also have to look at a density which refers to how closely the fibers are tufted together. The density number, which should range from 3500 to 5000, appears on the label. You can also check it for yourself by bending back a sample card; if you see a lot of white space, ask why.

Generally, higher pile rugs are tougher to keep clean, but if you insist on this style, look at the "twist number," which ranges from four to eight. The higher the twist number, the more durable and less chance of unraveling.

Easy cleanability

Low pile rugs with short, tightly woven fibers are easier to keep clean and durable. You'll often see these rugs in busy, stylish and fashion-driven, offices. Also, stick with rugs that won't show vacuum marks or footprints.

Stain resistance

Your fiber choice is essential because fiber affects appearance, performance, and longevity. You don't need to be an expert but become familiar with the characteristics.

Noise elimination

One of the best benefits of carpets is that they provide enough cushioning to muffle sounds like footsteps, muffled conversations, beeping devices, or barking and meowing. Keep in mind that padding also provides cushioning; the two together can be a great choice if you have a noisy pet.

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